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Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Teaching kids about endangered species, one tail at a time.

Concepting, designing and building a mobile app that teachers kids and parents about endangered species with an immersive game.

We partnered with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to create a fun, entertaining and highly engaging mobile app that aimed to bring awareness to kids and parents about endangered species.

Through immersive workshops with AZA leadership, Little House concepted a mobile game influenced by the widely popular “Heads Up” app in which gamers and participants have to correctly identify an animal by its tail before a timer runs out. Along the way, participants learn trivia about animals in a gallery of animal photography. Through an immersive, group gameplay experience children and adults can learn about endangered species and have fun in the process. Within a few works of launching, the app received positive press from major parent magazines:

“Head-smackingly cool facts about a wide array of animals” - Travel with Kids

“A fantastic conversation starter!” - Little Swappies

“Let’s hope your rear-recognition skills are up to par!” - People Magazine



Today, the TailsUp! app — available for both iOs and Android — continues to be evolved with new animal categories and challenges, bringing fans of the game back for more.

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